Branta Berg

Pure Nature

Log out from stress and demands. Give yourself time to rest, relax and recharge.
Let the fire warm you, the forest embrace you and the birds entertain you. Let nature be an undemanding power source of soothing, healing and inspiration.

Stay in a rustic log cottage with green roof, cook a wild meal over open fire, hike along the Trail of the Mountain King, balance on the back of Katla and meditate at Tallehall.
Or take a swim under the stars.

Here there´s no minibar, no hair dryer and no flat screen television. But an endless amount of tranquility, presence, privacy and authencity.

Welcome to Branta Berg – your guide to the silence!

Redan 1752 finns Branta Berg med på kartan

The mountain

As early as 1752 we can find Branta Berg on the map. The farmers in Juvansmåla and Spetsamåla disagree about the border between the villages and a land-surveyor draws a new map.

In the forest we can find traces of our farming ancestors.

The area has a unique touch of north Sweden with old pine trees, lingonberries and reindeer lichen. 14 000 years ago the 2 km mighty inland ice has been in a playfull mood and stacked giant rocks in remarkable formations. Welcome to visit our rocky nature reserve.

Bo ien mysig timmerstuga på Spetsamåla Gård

The log cottage

19 m2 big with the possibilty for 1-4 guests to stay overnight.
Laga till en härlig trerätters middag över öppen eld

For the stomach

Prepare your own dinner over open fire.
There is a LPG stove, kitchen-ware and special designed pottery in the cottage.
Bada, grilla och ta en roddtur i en liten sjö

Djupa Tjärn

In the valley below the cottage a small woodland lake is glittering. Take a swim, a rowing trip or light a camp fire. Or just listen to the rippling water. If you are lucky, you can see thirsty deers at dusk.
Vandra, upptäck och njut av lugnet


The distance from the parking lot to Branta Berg via the Spruce Temple is nearly 1 km.

On the mountain there are cirka 4 km of trails with nice spots for rest and meditation. The trails are well marked with colored nesting boxes. Maps are available.

Bo enkelt och mysigt mitt i naturen utan vardagsstressen


There is neither electricity nor running water on the mountain. The cottage is heated by a stove and torches, lanterns and candles are lighting up when it´s getting dark.

There is plenty of tapped water and a lake for swimming. In the outhouse ”Trisseboda” you can find a nice privy with fresh birch twigs, a sink, soap and towels.

The sauna cabbin

Treat yourself with a relaxing moment in the cosy sauna hut, made by Lapland House in Haparanda.
Let the birch wood warm you up and the water in Djupa Tjärn cool you down!
outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchen

A well equipped outdoor kitchen and a forest dining room make your outdoor cooking to a pleasant adventure that will make your taste buds rejoice.


Welcome to the wonderful world of mosses. Meet the little rattle moss, read about which moss the bears prefer to hibernate with and crawl into the cave of the Mossatroll! The Mossoleum is built for the benefit of the Child Diabetes Foundation, swish 900 05 97.

Environment and sustainability

The cottages are made of logs from the forests in the area. They are treated with tar, insulated with flax and wood fibres and on top a green roof. The Morsö-stove has a combustion technology approved to meet the toughest environmental requirements.

Linens and beddings are environmental friendly and the food is as far as possible organic and produced on the farm or in the neighbourhood,

Our wish and our strive is that your stay at Branta Berg will leave positive traces in your life, without negative footprints in the environment.